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  • November 11th, 2008 by Jessica

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Public Enemy and Obama campaign

Much has already been written about the Obama campaign and its incredibly successful interaction with young voters via its online components, but the following quote, from this New York Yimes article, really struck me:

Chuck D., 48, the rapper and former lead of Public Enemy, said he has been amazed at the ease with which his 20-year-old daughter and her friends have interacted with politics this year. While he spent his youth shouting the message, “Fight the power,” his daughter fell in love with a candidate, voted for the first time and got exactly what she wanted.

He couldn’t be more pleased. “She doesn’t bring the burden of history with her,” he said. “She’s not pigeonholed. She’s free to make a healthy decision for the future.”

Public Enemy and Obama campaign

Some may lament a loss of revolutionary spirit, or complain that this all means a joining of “the system” by a group of people who are supposed to buck it. But putting all that aside, Chuck’s observations really sum up it up.

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