How do you reposition a nonprofit hero into a changemaking enterprise equipped to rebuild a nation?

Majora Carter
Majora Carter


In her previous life, Majora Carter was no ordinary activist. She emerged from a disadvantaged childhood in the South Bronx of the 70′ & 80’s to establish an internationally recognized nonprofit organization, and lead the nation in green-job training & placement systems. Along the way, she won a MacArthur “genius” fellowship, and re-directed tens of millions of dollars away from wasteful government spending towards her positive economic development projects.

Today, Majora is expanding that vision into the private sector, and wants to leverage her track record of success. We are honored that a figure of her stature and integrity chose Empax to help define her unique energy and enterprise in a way that can garner even greater respect, investment, and brand recognition.


Empax is re-imagining the Majora Carter brand, with strategic, design thinking. We’ve audited what Majora offers, and have thought about how to structure, prioritize and diversify these offerings.

We developed a business trajectory and a conceptual framework for presenting Majora and her company to wider audiences, and have conceived a unique textual and visual vernacular through which to do so. The Empax team worked closely with Majora to build dynamic new video and presentation tools, which recently debuted at TEDxMidWest, and are now traveling around the US on her Fall 2010 speaking tour.