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Do you have a cause or organization that could use more effective communications? Do you have some creative talent and want to join our efforts? Maybe you’d like to fund a project or just sponsor what we do in general? Find a way to get involved with Empax right here, and stay up-to-date by signing up for our mailing list.


We Need People!

Do you have good eye (or ear) and believe like we do, that creative talent can be used for more than just selling more stuff to people that they don’t really need? Here are some particular skills and talents we're always happy to pull into our orbit.

We Need to Help You Tell Your Story (aka Clients)!

If you have a good cause that you think is being overlooked, or if you think your organization's story isn't being told effectively, we're here to help.

We Need Moolah!

We do something that’s vitally important for other non-profits: We make their stories reach more people with better results. Meanwhile we have salaries and rent to pay so we have to charge our clients for our work, which is where you can help.