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Big Oil Says
5pm Monday, June 14th:  Empax gets off the phone with the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council). They’re looking for a campaign site to tweet the statements of oil company execs testifying before the Senate. They need it quickly.

Like 9am. Tuesday. June 15th quickly. 16 hours. Overnight. Coffee anyone?

The NRDC has assigned some staff to tune in and listen to today’s Senate hearings.  They’re quoting and tweeting actual pieces of oil company testimony.  If past statements are any indication, these tweets should be big fun for all fans of the absurd.

The site is

So here’s what we’ve been doing all night: Brief. Simple animated environment for Twitter feeds. Visual concept. Flash. Sound recording. Code plug-ins. Mix. Test functionality. Test platform support. Rinse and repeat…

Check it out. It should be big fun. Pass it along to your friends.

Good Night.

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