Empax has a new website! Welcome!

  • May 29th, 2009 by Kathleen

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Empax Website

Empax WebsiteEmpax Website Perhaps the subject line of this blog post should have read “Empax tackles its most difficult client to date!” but that would be the celebratory champagne talking. Non profit organizations seek out Empax to develop their website (along with doing research, strategy, branding, logo development, tag lines etc. etc. etc.) and it was time for us to become our own client. We set out to redesign our website and today, after much collaboration, we launched the site! We are proud to welcome you to the new Empax website. Enjoy!!

There are 3 comments to “Empax has a new website! Welcome!”

  1. congrats on the new site! as a CLIENT, you should all be thrilled with what has been produced – the storytelling element carries so much impact here. the gritty, real tone, imagery, pacing, design…all amount to a damn impressive package. i was already a huge fan of everything empax is doing, and if it’s possible, my respect and admiration has just been brought to the next level.

    keep up all the inspiring work, and please continue to push the boundaries!!…

  2. Congratulation on the new website Martin. It looks fantastic!

  3. Raheel Gauba says:

    Very impressive – Keep up the great work!

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