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Beyond MultiTouch, and Designer as Futurist


Here are two technologies that seem to be on a collision course (or even as linear predecessor and successor). The first, multi-touch track pads or screens (as featured on the newest generation of apple notebooks and the iPhone) that respo…




These might be the most brilliant things I have ever seen. I grew up with the Nintendo Entertainment System, so when I came across these images (via Ffffound – which is a gift from ADHD heaven), I was instantly impressed.

Beyond this se…


Lookin’ Good


Last Friday a few of us went to see the Banksy Pet Shop installation. I won’t go into it in detail – you can read about it here – but we weren’t wowed. The points being made were valid, and the animatronics impressive, but ultimatel…


A Post About Posters


People are sometimes dismissive of posters, maybe it’s the dorm-room association, or the idea that they’re just advertising or propaganda, or perhaps that they’re just cheesy, which many are. But posters–when done…


It’s Better Than Good, It’s Wired!

Info graphic from Wired Magazine

There’s only one source for info-graphics that’s found the best synergy between function and form, in my humble opinion, and that’s Wired Magazine.


Hobo Symbols


During the period of the Great Depression between 1930 and 1942 the American hobo ranks swelled. By any estimate easily more than one million men, women and children were riding the rails on any given day in search of work. Given the broad spe…


Movie Title Screens

San Quentin

I’ve come across this somewhat extensive archive of movie title screens, and it’s a real thrill to skim through and compare the evolving aesthetics. There’s also some really funny B movie titles in there, too.


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